People are the biggest asset to any organization

We at CPR Hero want to empower our instructors to go and make a difference with their students

How instructor expectations are met by CPR Hero?

  • A clear and well-prepared list of classes that’s coming up and the payout for each class
  • Punctual bi-weekly payments and reimbursements are accommodated for each class taught
  • Equipment is regularly inspected and maintained in optimal working condition to provide the best training to students
  • Quick turnaround in communications to issues and questions
  • Instructors are given feedback, exposing them to growth opportunities for personal and professional development
  • Instructor expectations fulfilled give way to make a difference
  • Flexible shifts that encourages teamwork and camaraderie, while meeting obligations beyond the call of duty
  • Flexible responsibility that fosters concerted effort from all fellow instructors and colleagues

Instructor expectations fulfilled should help instructors:

  • Live and embody CPR Hero’s core values of being fun, empowering, remarkable, and accountable
  • Show up on time and complete class properly on CPR Hero’s system before check-out by accomplishing all paperwork and necessary documentation
  • Deliver the best possible education in compliance to AHA and CPR Hero’s process
  • Responsive on virtual and physical communications to the team and in the office.  Always reply Yes/No/Got It so everyone knows everyone is on the same page
  • Once students have signed up, instructors are responsible to ensure the class is taught, whether it be to find another instructor to teach if you cannot or contact the students to schedule another date