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Our Mission: Create a World without “Too Little Too Late”

CPR Hero’s Core Values

At CPR Hero, we look for instructors who are amazing and embodies our Core Values.  We take our Core Values very seriously – in fact, we make our on-boarding and termination decision based on the following values:

Have Fun

We like having fun. In fact, what’s the point of living if you cannot have fun. So in all we do, let’s try to have some fun.

Empower Others

Gandi says “Be the change you want to see”. As a leader and as a teacher, your power to influence others is incredible. With great power comes great responsibility, so empower others.


Don’t settle. The best investment you can make is on yourself; and the best way to grow is to challenge yourself. So go for it, set goals, and reach for the stars.

Own It

What you put in is what you get out of well, life in general. In this world, there’s going to be a lot of issues, a lot of problems, a lot of should’ve/would’ve, so instead of saying “someone” should do something about it– own it. What are YOU going to do to make a difference?

I joined CPR Hero and became an instructor because I wanted to become educated with my medical skills and am proud to make a difference with my students.  When I see my students learn and take home what I’ve taught them, I know that I’ve done something good.  -Richard Oberlander

Types of Instructors

Join CPR Hero

At CPR Hero, we teach classes from Layperson (Heartsaver) CPR for Adult, Child, Infant, BLS Healthcare CPR/AED, EKG/Pharmacology, Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS), Instructor Classes as Training Center Faculty (TCFs) to further educate and train individuals.

All instructors are contractors (1099) and responsible for teaching and operating independently on your own.  CPR Hero can provide all training supplies and materials for the classes that CPR Hero manages; however, instructors are responsible for successfully completing each classes to both the AHA certification standard as well as CPR Hero’s specification and process.  All instructors will be awarded classes on a request/confirmation basis.   Instructors will be paid on a per-class basis.

Heartsaver CPR & First Aid Instructors 

Responsible for teaching non healthcare professionals.  Classes include Heartsaver CPR & First Aid, Heartsaver CPR only, Heartsaver First Aid only, and Pediatric Heartsaver CPR & First Aid** (special and require additional training and clearance).

Minimum Teaching Certification Needed: Heartsaver Instructor Certification

BLS Healthcare Professional CPR

Responsible for teaching all Heartsaver Classes as well as BLS Healthcare Professional CPR & AED designed for clinical and hospital staff.

Minimum Teaching Certification Needed: BLS Instructor Certification


Responsible for teaching specifically the EKG and Pharmacology classes.  Additional training is required for this type of class depending on instructor experience.

Minimum Teaching Certification Needed: BLS Instructor Certification (additional clearance required). Ideally ACLS Instructor Certification

Advance Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Responsible for teaching Advance Cardiac Life Support classes.  This class involves multiple testing stations and skills.  Real life job experience is needed to be an instructor for ACLS (besides instructor certification).

Minimum Teaching Certification Needed: ACLS Instructor Certification

Pediatric Advance Cardiac Life Support (PALS)

Responsible for teaching Pediatric Advance Cardiac Life Support classes.  This class involves multiple testing stations and skills.  Both ACLS and PALS clinical experiences are needed as well as ACLS teaching experiences.  This is one of the hardest classes to teach in the AHA curriculum.

Minimum Teaching Certification Needed: PALS Instructor Certification with ACLS Instructor Certification

Training Center Faculty (TCF) – Instructor Trainer 

This is not a certification.  This is a position awarded to those instructors who has demonstrated a history of excellence, humility, and teamwork in helping other students as well as instructors.  TCF is not a certification and is not transferrable to any other Training Center or Training Site.  This is an AHA designated position within a Training Center.

Minimum Teaching Certification Needed: BLS Instructor Certification (ACLS/PALS Instructor Certification to become a TCF for ACLS/PALS)

Requirements to Become a CPR Hero Instructor

While anyone can take a BLS Instructor course, at CPR Hero, we invite those who fit the following criteria to join us in our mission:

Character & Ethics:

  • Is Awesome (see above!)
  • Embodies CPR Hero’s Core Values
  • Self Initiatives & Problem Solver – things come up last minute (student issues, location issues, issues issues issues!)
  • Be prepared for difficult logistics and poor pay for the problems – all to try and make a difference that often goes un-noticed.


  • Is a certified or licensed medical professional (EMTs, LVN, RNs, etc)
    • Non medical professionals can qualify under substituted experience:  a minimum of 10 classes taught (as an assistant or lead instructor) with at minimum of 4.8/5 stars review within CPR Hero’s internship program.
  • Has a current AHA BLS certification
  • Teaching or leadership experiences
  • Has a current AHA Instructor certification


To see a list of expectations of what CPR Hero expects as well as what can be expected from CPR Hero, feel free to review the CPR Hero’s Code of Conduct.


CPR Hero covers a wide geographic area ranging from Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, to all of Southern California.

Our physical offices are located in Torrance, Garden Grove, Rancho Cucamonga, and Anaheim.   However, we also have partner classroom space throughout different geographic area as well as contract classes with different clinics, hospitals, and government locations.

When you apply, we will verify your location details and connect the application with the specific geographic location coordinator.

Apply Now

Please note that we typically only accept applicants who already possess an AHA instructor card.  If you want to learn more about obtaining your instructor card, please go here.