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We’re Back at the Annual UVSA Tet Festival!

From February 12-14th, The CPR Hero once again was given the opportunity to manage the First Aid EMS station for the Tet Festival held at the OC Fair & Event Center. This year, The CPR Hero Training Center’s Riverside instructors dominated the game, coming out to all three days of the festival to lend a helping hand.

Due to the size of the event, The CPR Hero was present to provide First Aid EMS management for on-site dispatch and response. Our entire team was equipped with personal radios, bikes for quicker response times, and first aid equipment. The first aid tent had an in-station medical monitor, several cots, and other EMS equipment. Throughout the three days at the fair, The CPR Hero is glad to announce that there we no serious medical calls.

While at this year’s Tet Festival, hosted by UVSA, The CPR Hero Training Center was providing First Aid and EMS, but our instructors were also teaching hands-only CPR to the festival patrons during their off-time! The CPR Hero is an authorized American Heart Association Training Site, with instructors ready all weekend long to answer questions that were asked about how to perform CPR, when to call 911, and what to do in case of emergencies.

In order to allow festival patrons to practice hands-on training, our instructors brought and prepped our CPR manikins. Almost all individuals were surprised to find out just how deep one must compress in order to do efficient CPR. At The CPR Hero Training Center, we always encourage further training and education, along with hands-on practice to prepare for emergency situations. It is always better to know CPR and not need it, than to need it and not know how to do it! We provide paper writer CPR training in various locations throughout the Los Angeles, South Bay, Orange County, and San Diego area.

Scroll down to see our instructors in action! At The CPR Hero, we empower others to save lives, we teach, and we engage our communities.

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