College Scholar Apply Confirmed

Your application has been submitted!   

What to expect next

  1. Based on your responses, the next step would be to invite you to shadow a class with a current instructor.  This will be a good opportunity to focus on more of the teaching aspect as well as a chance to talk to some of the current instructors.
  2. Depending on the director of the program, you might be invited back to help out here and there to “try-out” for the program.  This is for you to gain a little bit more experience and see also for yourself if this is a program you would like to be a part of.
  3. Upon acceptance, you will be invited to attend a full 1 day instructor class.  The more experience, no matter how little, from helping out before the instructor class, the more beneficial the class will be.  The instructor class will focus predominately on how to teach the class that’s compliant to American Heart Association’s standard.  You will still need to keep learning the CPR and science together with your group and on your own.
    1. This instructor class typically happens only once a year.  It is not published online and it is by invitation only.
  4. Start teaching!