Every single day about 700 people suffer from sudden cardiac arrest in out of hospital setting.  A 3 hour class can make a lifetime of a difference.

What if we can help?  What if we can do something about that?

Would you help if you can learn to make a difference? 


Michael and Richard were CPR instructors when they were as young as in college.  They didn’t learn how to teach and start teaching until the end of their college career; and they were only brought on to teach because they are certified EMTs and have working experience in the field. However, over the years, CPR Hero has found ways to train any students to learn the science of CPR, the skillset to do public speaking and the knowledge of teaching.  This is where this program is born and now we need your help.

Our Mission

The Instructor Scholar Program was created to empower undergraduates the knowledge of medical science, the skills to teach and do public speaking, and the opportunity to gain leadership skills along with volunteer hours.

This unique opportunity allows students to train healthcare professionals and lay rescuers how to save lives and to advocate for healthier lifestyles. As a result, many have built lasting relationships with their co-instructors and students, gone on to challenge themselves, and most importantly expand their perspective on healthcare to include the promotion of teaching, influencing, and empowering others. Upon joining our program, we hope that you will become the leader at your institution and in your community.

OUR Values

  • Have Fun – We like having fun.  In fact, what’s the point of living if you cannot have fun.  So in all we do, let’s try to have some fun =).
  • Empower Others – Gandi says “Be the change you want to see”.  As a leader and as a teacher, your power to influence others is incredible.  With great power comes great responsibility, so empower others.
  • Reach For the Stars – Don’t settle.  The best investment you can make is on yourself; and the best way to grow is to challenge yourself.   So go for it, set goals, and reach for the stars.
  • Ownership – What you put in is what you get out of…. well, life in general.  In this world, there’s going to be a lot of issues, a lot of problems, a lot of should’ve/would’ve, so instead of saying “someone” should do something about it– own it.  What are YOU going to do to make a difference?

Our Goal

For everyone in college before graduation to learn how to do CPR and be able to use the learned skills when the emergency does arise.

Jessica La, UCLA '15

Why get involved?

Unique & Different Volunteer Experience

We hope that if you will be involved with any program, it will be worthwhile for your time.  Teaching CPR is one of many ways you can make a difference by volunteering your time to do something a bit different than the typical hospital volunteer experience.

what will you do?

  • Teach & lead American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers and Heartsaver CPR AED & First Aid classes at your college.
  • Meet with each other (instructors) at least once a month to practice teaching each other and grow your knowledge in emergency medicine.
  • Attend on-going continual education classes to become a better public speaker, a better educator, and a better leader (it’s all free to our instructors).
  • Run and help your local school chapter board (should you decide you want to take on leadership role) and participate in a monthly conference call with global directors to get all the resources and help needed to run your role

What will you learn & Gain?

  • AHA Instructor Certification
  • Experience being an AHA instructor teaching BLS CPR
  • Public speaking
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Self-Confidence
  • A great conversation and interview starter
  • Making a difference


The BLS program is how we are able to make an impact little by little, day by day, right now.   It is one of the ways you can volunteer your time and gain valuable leadership experiences while growing personal skills.  It is an opportunity to be able to be part of something bigger and own part of the result.  This experience is something you will take with you for the rest of your life, whether it be at a graduate school interview, sharing it with your friends or when you do a reunion with your co-instructors.

If you are interested, read below to see if you meet the requirement to become a CPR Hero instructor.  We will train you to become American Heart Association (AHA) BLS Instructors and give you the equipment and resources needed to host classes. BLS for Healthcare Providers is an AHA certification required by all healthcare professionals. The class encompasses hands-on training in CPR, the used of an AED, and choking. Many college students require this certification to pursue volunteering, internships or graduate school in healthcare.

Apply Now - Instructor Scholar Program - No Experience Required