First Aid Instructor Training Class

Hello Instructors,

This class is design to help instructor become first aid competent.

In order for you as an instructor to teach first aid (even if you are already a BLS instructor) you MUST clear this section.

By default, your first aid teaching ability is locked. Our system will not allow you to be assigned to teach first aid if you don’t have the clearance.

Buy Your First Aid Kit (You MUST understand how to perform skills, practice and test)

Teaching First Aid is actually not that hard. In fact, it’s pretty straight forward; but you MUST understand the materials and knowledge.

What You Need to Buy for First Aid Training

CPR Hero will pay for your book.  However, we do ask you buy a first aid kit so you can practice the skills at home.

The link to buy is on amazon:

Process To Take this Teaching First Aid Class (READ AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.  IMPORTANT!)

  1. Study the eBook (it will be sent to your email once you sign up below)
  2. Watch this whole video ( It’s in the description of the online test )
  3. Buy the first aid kit (and have it delivered to you before class, we’ll practice and test each other TOGETHER!)
  4. Complete the online test ( )
  5. Once you passed the knowledge test, you will be given a URL to log on and join the web meeting.  If you don’t do it, you don’t get to join the online class.
  6. Please RSVP below NOW or we cannot send you the book.  (Please do NOT pay for the class; just sign up so we have a headcount and can use the system to send you the ebook)