BLS Instructor Internship Program

BLS Instructor Internship Program

About the Program

The CPR Hero’s Instructor Internship Program gives pre-medical & pre-health students the opportunity to share their knowledge with a wide variety of people. Program participants get to work alongside nurses, paramedics, and EMS personnel in the classroom & group training setting. Program participants will receive training to assist in CPR, First Aid, & Basic Life Support classes. Participants will have the opportunity to teach others how to assess situations, how to perform CPR, how to use an AED, and more.

Internship Timeline

Once you are accepted, you must attend the instructor class the second Sunday of the month.

Before class: Submit all required paper (having completed BLS and HS CPR/FA coursework). Complete the online module for pre-instructor class training.

Day of class: Complete instructor class and monitoring shift afterwards

Next 4 shifts: Start teaching and be monitored. You must be cleared to teach on your own by the end of the 4th monitoring session.

Following shifts: You can, if you choose, to teach on your own now once cleared. This is where you get a chance to really stretch yourself!

Learning day: You will be required to attend at least 2 quarterly learning day sessions.

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Selection Process

Please make sure you meet all the requirements for the program to apply.

  • Have a BLS and HS CPR / FA card
  • Have a reliable mode of transportation
  • Have enough time commitment for the competition of the program
  • Be able to attend 2nd Sunday class
  • Cannot currently be teaching with another CPR company and cannot for the duration of the BLS Instructor Internship Program


We are only accepting 8 instructor candidates per term. To apply, please click here.

You should receive your eCard immediately after class. We guarantee delivery within 1 business day.

Common FAQs

It cost $300, which includes training materials, monitoring shifts, as well as the cost for the AHA BLS Instructor Certification.

We expect 24 shifts to teach, which is on average of 2 shifts a month (some days, we have up to 3 shifts per day). You must however, complete 4 monitor shifts and be cleared to teach on your own.
You are also expected to attend 2 out of 4 free education training program to improve your skills as an instructor and healthcare professional.
CE: You will receive 8 hours of CE from this program.

Teach 24 classes and attend 2 out of 4 education training program.

– get to get AHA BLS Instructor Certification
– Get to learn how to teach and do public speaking
– Experience to become an AHA educator teaching other students
– Resume booster
– Learn more in emergency medicine and become a better candidate for jobs and grad schools

– BLS and HS CPR/FA certification card
– (Recommended: EKG/Pharm course)
– Be able to teach twice a month for 6 months (12 shifts total to complete program)
– the 4 initial shifts will be counted towards total program hours
– It is recommended that the program participant has reliable transportation for travel to on-site locations with equipment (mostly in the LA and OC area)

No. However, we love to bring on instructors who already know our teaching and methods that fits our values to help spread our mission.

Unfortunately not; we operate as a closed training site and all teaching must be created, monitored, and completed by a representative of The CPR Hero.