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I needed my ACLS and BLS replacement cards, and I was in a pinch! I contacted Syed and he provided the upmost customer service! I’m so glad that I chose to receive my recertification with The CPR Hero company! They employ highly knowledgable staff that truly care about your success!

I will be picking my replacement cards tomorrow in the AM!

Thank you Syed!

I just picked up my cards from Phi! Super professional and courteous! Thank you Phi!

FYI: I took my ACLS and BLS classes with Noel! It was a joy to learn from him!

Tiffany Y.11/7/2016 - Huntington Beach, CA - Yelp.com

Our Orange County Shorinji Kempo branch on-going efforts is to think and act proactively.  So we decided to train all the black belt instructors Heartsaver First Aid & CPR/AED Classes.  It was clear that our purpose of taking the class is to have the necessary tools to potentially save a life.

We were very fortunate to find the CPR HERO TRAINING class (American Heart Association)  being taught by Vincent Pham.   Vincent is in near completion of his Registered Nursing degree while simultaneously teaching the Heart Saver program.  Vincent is a licensed CPR trainer who maintains a wealth of knowledge and passion.  He quickly understood the dynamics of the our Shorinji Kempo branch and focused on the essential areas such as (Bruising, sprains, cuts, unconsciousness).  He is uniquely talented in getting the information across.   Each student who completed the class will receive Heartsaver First-Aid CPR AED certification through the American Heart Association.  We are thankful to Vincent and the great program that has a potential to save lives.

Thank you Vincent in teaching us how to save lives!!!

Orange County Shorinji Kempo Organization

Orange County Shorinji Kempo Organization4/11/2016 - Westminster, CA - Yelp.com

What a wonderful experience.  Michael responded super fast and was extremely accommodating. I needed the renewal ASAP and Michael was willing to accommodate us in every way.  Such a wonderful class!  We’ll definitely be renewing again with CPR Hero. Hands down the best class I’ve taken so far.  This is the place to go!

Sara W.8/10/2013 - Chino Hills, CA - Yelp.com

Michael and the CPR hero training center was fantastic. It was a very informative, speedy and enjoyable course. Overall very friendly. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Michael made sure I understood every procedure and was thorough. cool course and great company.

Sean D.9/24/2013 - Ladera Ranch, CA - Yelp.com

Whether you wish to become an EMT, a volunteer at a hospital, or you just want to become CPR and first aid certified because it is great to know, the CPR Hero Training Center is your place to go.

Why I recommend CPR Hero:
– They are AFFORDABLE and offer great deals compared to courses offered on college campuses or through other competitors.
– CPR Hero offers CPR/first aid courses at various locations throughout Southern California in cities such as Irvine, Garden Grove, Newport Beach, Riverside, etc.
– Friendly, knowledgeable, enthusiastic team who assures you leave with the skills to perform basic life support CPR and first aid. The interactive and engaging staff of instructors make the classes fun and enjoyable.

If you are looking for a great deal on fun courses that will make the learning experience even more enjoyable, this is your place to go. And in no time, you, too, can become a CPR Hero!

Ann N.5/15/2013 - Garden Grove, CA - Yelp.com

Nonetheless, The CPR Hero Training Center teaches everyone to be a hero. Although we’re not vigilantes like Spiderman and Batman, we can save lives as a hero in a different way.

Instructions were clear and straightforward. Unlike many other institutions that breeze through the course with the minimal standard training, these instructors made sure to provide the best experience to their trainees. Because of that, not only it is fun interacting with instructors and fellow trainees, everyone was made sure they could perform BLS/CPR after they step out the door.

BLS/CPR is definitely valuable skill. The quality of the training is worth way more than its price tag.

Go CPR Hero!

Shelley P.4/30/2013 - Garden Grove, CA - Yelp.com

Went to CPR Hero to get my BLS Certification done – I picked them out of “shopping” for other CPR places in the area due to their pricing, class dates/times and locations.

Their pricing was fair and competitive – $50 for a class (BLS) and $17 for the workbook. The workbook is required and the prices vary depending on your CPR provider, but I found that Amazon sells the book for the same price.

I did run into a snag when I tried to register for one of their classes online – my payment screen kept freezing up and taking me to an error page – twice – and while I didn’t see any duplicate charges on my account, I started to get frustrated because the seats are limited in each class and the one I wanted was filling up quickly. I fired off an irritated email to their customer service and then got other work done. Amazingly, I received a reply at like 2am the following day and one of their staffers Phi-My (sp?) provided a workaround for me to submit the payment, while blocking out the last spot for me in the class I wanted. Very good and prompt customer service.

My instructor on Sunday was Vince – who was patient, thorough, combined a dose of humor and “real-life” scenarios, in making sure we understood the material loud and clear. This course was a refresher since I had taken a similar course over a decade ago – but there were definitely some new material/changes/updates to the procedures being done.

I am confident that with the training I was provided today, I would have no issue applying said knowledge/skills in the event that such skills are needed and I am able.

Interestingly enough, these guys are somehow affiliated to CPR Lady in Irvine – which was one of the companies I considered but decided against due to their location.

Will be looking to CPR Hero in two years when my certification is up for renewal.

Thanks Vince, Phi-My and the CPR Hero family!

Dean W.9/18/2016 - Irvine, CA - Yelp.com

The course is more than what I expected from a CPR class. The instructor, Michael, for my class was engaging and helpful. He answered every question the class had and shared his experiences regarding CPR that people may encounter in real life. He gave additional tips and information that is helpful in emergencies, and I learned more than what I expected. You can also get a good deal for the class if you speak with the instructor beforehand. Definitely recommended to others looking to get CPR certification for whatever reason.

Jeric B.7/9/2013 - Buena Park, CA - Yelp.com

I took the UCLA course on Sunday, June 30. Brianna taught an excellent CPR class. She was professional , knowledgeable, and kept the material interesting. Brad covered the AED and was confident and knowledgeable but not as engaging as Brianna making me wish she taught the entire thing. She was ontime, well organized and inspiring. The cost was reasonable $40. The irony was that after receiving at least 3 email communications warning about being ‘on time’, the instructor Brad was late, along the CPR models. The day before the class starting time was changed, moved to a half hour later and he was still late This is disrespectful to the course participants and is a good reason to offer all students enrolled in that section a 50% discount towards their next re-certification not just the students that give feedback on YELP. Addendum: I am changing my rating from 3 to 4 stars based on the follow up with Michael who was apologetic about the lateness. I am happy to add that I would use CPR hero again in the future for re-certification training because the instructors were inspiring and brought intelligence to the subject matter.

Allison D.5/15/2013 - Topanga Canyon, CA - Yelp.com

They have been so wonderful to help accomodate my busy schedule with an emergency course…The CPR Hero Training Center makes important points clear and the trainers are GREAT! AHA certified and convenient!  You can’t ask for more 🙂

lisa c.5/1/2013 - Westinmster, CA - Yelp.com