CPR & First Aid for Yorba Linda High School

The CPR Hero & Yorba Linda High School

The CPR Hero Training Center and Yorba Linda High School will be hosting a Community CPR & AED Class in Yorba Linda. We are happy to provide this cost effective class to educate community members in knowing how to recognize the signs of sudden cardiac arrest and respond appropriately with activation of EMS and implementation of CPR / early defibrillation. Sudden Cardiac Arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S.; we will have a team of health care professionals who will certify everyone in CPR & AED for 2 Years. Sign up now!

Cost of class: $40 online only for the Yorba Linda High School Parents/Students, normally $70.

Max # of People 50: First-Come-First-Serve.

Location: Held at Yorba Linda High School Library

Age: 13 and over

Please email ylhsparented@yahoo.com if any questions.

Select a date and REGISTER ONLINE. It’s fast and easy.

Heartsaver CPR AED Only

(Proper CPR techniques for Adult, Child, & Infants w/ AED Training)

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Heartsaver First-Aid Only

(Proper First-Aid Skills)

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