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The CPR Hero at the Annual Vietnamese Festival

In Costa Mesa, California, CPR Hero is once again managing the first aid EMS station for the event.  The Vietnamese festival happens once a year during Chinese New Year, typically around middle of February.   Many of CPR Hero’s instructor from the Torrance, Lawndale, Irvine, Riverside, Los Angles, and even San Diego CPR office came together at the festival event to help at one point or another.

Because of the size of the event, The CPR Hero provides first aid EMS management for on-site dispatch and response.  Each of our team medic has his/her own radio, bikes for team members to ride and respond to scene, on-bike AEDs and first aid kits, as well as in station medical monitor, cot and other EMS equipments.  Of course, throughout the days, there are numerous small injuries like minor bleeding and some splinting and bandaging; fortunately there were no serious medical calls that got escalated to ALS.

While we are providing first aid and EMS event management, since CPR Hero is an authorized American Heart Association Training Site, our CPR instructors are at the station helping teach hands-only CPR.   We have people young and old coming up to the station asking great questions about CPR, when to call for 911, as well as what to expect when doing CPR.

To make the training hands-on, CPR Hero bought some of our CPR manikins to give participant a chance to practice doing hands-only CPR.  Many individuals are surprised to find out how deep and hard CPR compression needs to be done in order to be effective.  This is why we always encourage further training and more hands-on practice to prepare for a case of emergency.  We provide CPR classes in various locations in the Los Angeles, South Bay, Orange County, and San Diego area.  Learning is the best way to stay prepared.

Without further adieu, here are some of the pictures from the event, which includes our EMS event management director, Michael Pham, as well as some of our beloved CPR Instructors.  At CPR Hero, we do, we teach, and we engage our communities.

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